Integrate Foxlink advantaged capabilities of Management, Internet of Things, Cloud,
Data Analysis, and Automation to attain Industry 4.0 .


We customized & manufacturing products at the same cost of mass production.

Foxlink is focusing on new product design, optimization and introduction services, while positioning the company as a joint design manufacturer (JDM).
This approach demonstrates that we build our manufacturing business by streamlining real value-added activities before any part are produced.
Accordingly, our solution for new product development helps customers be more profitable by identifying, developing and filling market niches with new products faster than the competition while reducing costs through more efficient use of research and development resources.

Service Overview


Group Vertical Integration; Multiple EE and ME CAE Tools; Material and Failure Analysis Capability; 连接器 Automation; Surface Treatment


FOXLINK FPC provides one-stop service from layout to FPCBA. Diversified products: 单面组件d, 双面组件d, Multi-layer Board & Rigid Flex Board.


Customize 电缆: USB cable, Mini coaxial cable, Thunderbolt cable, Lightning cable, HDMI cable, Mouse cable, Monitor cable, Multiport dongle...


Highly customized outline and shape to fulfill customer's requirement. Customize 摄像模块: USB, Face Authentication, Compact, 3D

Plastic & Metal 零件s

Tooling Development: *Rapid integration from art to product. *Total solution from tooling to fabrication. *Plastic tooling & molding. *双注入型号.


Customize variety of accessories, variable resolution design ability. Perfect outline flexibility to fit different user scenario. Stunning mechanical design.


Acoustic Technology : Headset clamping force simulation technology. Customize Wired/Wireless Headset, Headphone, 扬声器, 蓝牙音频适配器.


We have complete power solutions for AC/DC adapter, tailor-made open frame PS and forced air cooling system PS. Current products are using on system applications.


Customize 可穿戴设备: Wrist band, Smart Watch, HRM headset, Blood pressure monitor, Healthcare device. Customize App on iOS/Android. Customize Cloud Service.


The Internet of things—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.